What is a fence energizer?

It's a device that takes in electrical energy from an outside source (either a 110V outlet or a battery) and then pushes the energy out through the positive fence terminal in very brief, high-voltage, high-amperage pulses. The negative ground terminal absorbs any excess pulse energy back into the energizer.

Forming the heart of your electric fence system, energizers provide the source for the electric current that flows through the fence wire. The amount of electric current output (size) and power source AC (110 V) , battery or solar differs across energizer products.

Your choice of fence energizer depends on the following key factors:

 ·  Length of your fence

 ·  Number of wires

 ·  Power source

 ·  Type of animal contained or excluded.

Should you energize the fence?

 · A common mistake is not electrifying it. Electric fence is a pain barrier, not a physical barrier. Animals conclude the fence itself is painful—and then avoid it.

 · Energized fences last longer and require less maintenance—because animals do not crowd, rub or scratch on them.