For all things on earth, the importance of soil is self-evident. The growth of plants can not be separated from the soil, and the quality of their growth is also closely related to the abundance of nutrient elements in the soil. For us, whether we can enter agricultural civilization is based on soil; Without the nourishment of the soil, we cannot carry out agricultural planting. However, as a "microbial stronghold", the soil has gradually lost its nutrients and become barren due to people's unreasonable use for many years. Therefore, how to plant correctly, apply fertilizer effectively, and let the soil play its due positive role in crops has become a difficult problem for farmers.

Fortunately, with the continuous development of science and technology, many soil detection instruments came into being. Among them, the detector for soil nutrient content is of great positive significance for improving the existing agricultural ecological environment. Due to environmental pollution and unscientific land development and use for a long time, fertilizers with single nutrient composition can no longer meet the growth needs of crops. Moreover, excessive fertilization of single element may also cause yield reduction. Therefore, it is extremely urgent for agricultural development to detect the soil status in time so as to correctly fertilize and cultivate.

The soil nutrient detector can well meet the needs of people. It is like a doctor of soil problems. It can not only judge the surplus and deficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, PH value, acidity and alkalinity, organic matter, trace elements and other nutrients in the soil through detection; It can also "suit the remedy to the case". Through the systematic analysis of the data obtained, it provides a suitable fertilization and planting scheme according to the actual situation of different soils, which increases the land revenue and reduces the increase in production costs caused by excessive use of fertilizers. It can be said that for workers, the soil nutrient detector can give them due feedback for their efforts.

In addition, as a product of modern science and technology, the intelligent storage and reading of data by the soil nutrient detector has changed the unhealthy habit of workers who have been farming by experience for a long time. It can help people increase scientific cognition, accumulate correct farming experience, cultivate good planting habits, and accelerate the civilized process of agricultural development.

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