The Necessity of Installing Pulse Electronic Fence for Animal Husbandry

In the past ten years, the livestock electronic fence system has been widely used for isolated breeding of poultry and animals, which has played a very important role in the isolation and safety protection of poultry and animals. We have accumulated very rich experience in the design and implementation of many poultry and animal power grids, and can fully provide a very professional high-voltage electronic fence design scheme for animal breeding and the engineering construction of the electronic fence for poultry and animals.

The principle of isolation and enclosure: the equipment periodically outputs high-voltage pulse signals to the front-end electronic cables to form a pulsed electronic fence. When animals touch the electronic fence, they will immediately be shocked by high-voltage pulses and return, and gradually form a conditioned reflex. They will keep away from the grid fence and will not touch the grid, so as to achieve the goal of safe enclosure. Similarly, if animals outside the fence touch the power grid, they will also be shocked by the electronic fence, and gradually form a conditioned reflex. Therefore, the electronic fence can safely isolate and protect the animals inside and outside the fence.

Main hidden dangers and disadvantages of livestock herds without electronic fence and comparison of advantages of installing electronic fence

The wire fence is erected on the column set at a certain distance, with mesh wire or 4-7 barbed wire, which is easy to hurt people and animals. The perimeter of the base is large and the greening is very good, so it is easy for the thieves to hide. The livestock electronic fence equipment is mainly composed of a high-voltage pulse generator and a wire fence. The high-voltage electric pulse sent by the pulse generator leads to the fence wire. When the livestock touches the wire, it retreats because of the pulse stimulation. Because of the small discharge current, the discharge time is within 0.1 seconds, and it will not hurt people and livestock.