The application of electronic fence system is very extensive, and the development of animal husbandry is increasingly inseparable from the assistance of electronic fence system. Unlike the traditional high-voltage power grid used by the prison, the electronic fence in animal husbandry is a kind of electronic fence product specially developed for the animal husbandry industry.

The electric fence, namely the pulse electronic fence, is a psychological barrier. It forms a fence with wire and cable rings, and applies electronic pulse current about once a second to the fence. When animals touch the fence, they will be subject to short, safe stimulation and vibration, which will make the animals have a conditioned reflex, remember and never touch again. The function of the electronic fence in the pasture is mainly reflected in that it can enclose the animals raised in the pasture: it can not only manage the animals in the fence, but also prevent the invasion of outside animals or wild animals. Applicable to cattle farms, horse farms, sheep farms and zoos; It is applicable to animal enclosure, grassland enclosure and short-term enclosure for animal rotational grazing.

Advantages of electronic fence:

1: The fence is simple in construction and convenient in disassembly.

2: 12V safe voltage power supply, high voltage and low current, making people and animals safer.

3: With an alarm device, it can be monitored at any time and used more easily.

4: Low power consumption, small power consumption, energy saving and money saving.